Durum Wheat

Tito Flavio


Tito Flavio

TITO FLAVO is a high yielding durum wheat that has a good tolerance versus the main fungal diseases.

TITO FLAVIO has a big tolerance to the mycotoxins accumulation. 

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Tito Flavio Quality:

Vitreousness Good
Protein content Good
Yellow index Good
Gluten Good
Specific weight Excellent


Cultivation area

Cultivation area



105 - 110

Sowing period

oct nov dec jan feb

Sowing Density

230 to 250 kg/ha

Agronomic Characterictics Tito Flavio

ico Cycle Cycle Winter
ico Ripening Ripening Semi-early
ico Ear Ear Awned
ico Straw height Straw height Medium

Illness resistance

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