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Teff Tiffany

A summer forage

Teff Tiffany

TEFF TIFFANY is a forage crop option to be cultivated in summer, is mainly recommended to be sown as the second harvest.

TEFF TIFFANY use to be cutted two or three times during summer season. Its forage is similar to fescue, so it’s easy to collect and process.

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The cultivation of TEFF TIFFANY is a very economic alternative of the second harvest, being very suitable for forage producers.

Growing area

Growing area

Sowing period

apr may jun jul aug

Sowing density

7-10 kg/ha

Agronomic features Teff Tiffany

ico Regrowth speed Regrowth speed Fast
ico Straw height Straw height From 2 to 3 (usually 2)

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