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White oat


Productivity at heights


KEELY is a white grain oat, that will like to the farmers due to it's high yields and to the industry for it's grain quality.

Their height and resistance to lodging, made KEELY also a good choice for forage production.

ico info


KEELY, a good choice due to:

  • Its productivity
  • Its grain quality
  • Its forage aptitude

Growing area

Growing area

Grain Color

Grain Color


Sowing period

oct nov dec jan feb

Sowing density

140 a 160 kg/ha

Agronomic features Keely

ico Cycle Cycle Spring
ico Earliness
Earliness Semi-early
ico Straw height Straw height High
ico Lodging resistance Lodging resistance High
ico Aptitude Aptitude Grain - Forage

Diseases resistance

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