Yellow oat


Hardiness and forage


PREVISION is a very early yellow oat. Is the reference oat for its adaptation to the poor land and semi-dry areas.

PREVISION, due to their stems that are thinner than other oats, produce a forage of very high quality, very valued by farmers.

ico info


PREVISION, a good choice due to:

  • Their hardiness
  • Their earliness
  • Their forage quality

Growing area

Growing area

Grain Color

Grain Color


Sowing period

oct nov dec jan feb

Sowing density

120 to 140 kg/ha

Agronomic features Prevision

ico Cycle Cycle Spring
ico Earliness
Earliness Very early
ico Straw height Straw height Medium / High
ico Lodging resistance Lodging resistance Medium
ico Aptitude Aptitude Grain - Forage

Diseases resistance

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