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Spring pea




SAFRAN is a protein pea, with excellent tolerance to lodging and a very GOOD HEIGHT at harvest.

SAFRAN highlight for its PRODUCTIVITY, a long and regular flowering with a large quantity of fruiting pod, strong vigorous vegetative and good tolerance to ferric chlorosis.

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SAFRAN has been the most productive variety overall the 25 trials done in France in 2016.

Cultivation area

Cultivation area

Cold resistance

Cold resistance


Sowing period

oct nov dec jan feb

Sowing Density

240 to 260 kg/ha

Agronomic Characterictics Safran

ico Cycle Cycle Spring
ico Ripening Ripening Early
ico Talla a Maduración Talla a Maduración High (45/55 cm)
ico Grain Color Grain Color Yellow
ico PMG (Thousand Seed Weight) PMG (Thousand Seed Weight) From 230 to 250 gr
ico Protein Content Protein Content High
ico Use Use Fodder