Sorghum BMR

Centurion BMR6

Single cut and BMR sorghum

Centurion BMR6

CENTURION BMR6 is a BMR (brown midrib) single-cut silage sorghum. Their leaf and stems have less lignin content what provides a high digestibility.

CENTURION BMR6 produces a forage with a quality similar to corn silage. With its 0,90 UFL atcs in the feed ration as a source of energy and fibre. The CENTURION BMR6 sillage increases the milk fat content.


Cereal sowing machine: 7-8 kg/ha
Mono-seeds sowing machine: 200-220.000 seeds/ha

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CENTURION is an alternative to corn silage:

  • Similar nutritional value
  • Less crop requirements
  • More hardiness

Growing area

Growing area

Grain Color

Grain Color


Sowing period

mar apr may jun jul

Sowing density

7 - 8 kg/ha

Agronomic features Centurion BMR6

ico Straw height Straw height Medium (2,20 - 2,50 m)
ico Quality Quality Silage - Single cutting
ico Grain Color Grain Color White