Our history

AGRUSA is a company dedicated to the selection, production and commercialization of seeds.

With more than 60 years of experience, our goal is to select the best varieties of seeds, which offer excellent production and adapt to the different climates of our customers.


Agriculture and its environment are constantly evolving. The farmer must adapt to new challenges as well as meeting new needs. AGRUSA wants to accompany you in this process, as we have been doing for more than 60 years, selecting, producing and commercializing the varieties that best suit your farm to be more productive, healthier, more rustic and more adapted to the industrial processes.


We renew our catalog every campaign, always looking for new varieties that improve the current ones. At AGRUSA we want to help create a more sustainable, more productive, more profitable and highest quality agriculture.

A story with a lot of life


Within the research and development program he was leading, geneticist Josep Pané obtained the soft wheat variety PANE-247, a variety that stands out for its hardiness and productivity, superior to the varieties of the time.


At the end of the 1940s, several farmers from the most cereal-growing regions of Lleida joined forces to meet one of the basic needs of their crops: the production of a cereal seed that met the minimum quality and profitability. As a result of this concern, in 1954 the company Agricultores Unidos S.A. was founded in Mollerussa, better known as AGRUSA, with the main objective of commercialization the PANE-247 variety.


The PANE-247 variety is consolidated as one of the most sown wheat in Catalonia, Aragon, and both Castillas. In parallel and within AGRUSA's own plant improvement program, the development of other varieties of wheat, barley, alfalfa, fruit and vegetables began.


AGRUSA's catalog consists mainly of varieties from its own breeding program, but others from other breeders are also beginning to be included. Some of the outstanding varieties are PANE-14 and ESTRELLA wheat, PANE-1 and HATIF DE GRIGNON barley, as well as PANE-1 oats.


AGRUSA is consolidated as one of the main seed multipliers in Spain. The reference varieties in this decade are CAPITOL and ANZA wheat, BARBARROSA and PALLAS barley, and ROJA DE ALGERIA oats.

The facilities are expanded by creating the second selection center also located in Mollerussa.


In the 90's durum and triticale wheat were introduced in the AGRUSA catalog, highlighting BORLI and TRUJILLO respectively. It is also at this time when SOISSONS, a soft wheat that was a reference for its productivity and quality.

AGRUSA consolidates strategic agreements with the main international recipients.


In the 2000s, the establishment of its own test fields in various provinces and conditions, dry, dry fresh and irrigated, was promoted, in order to evaluate the possible varieties to be included in its catalog in the different environments.

Among the main varieties, stands out the wheat GARCIA and the introduction of the orders of 2 rows by malteria, between which stands out the variety KLAXON.


PEWTER barley is the reference variety in malt, being several years the most sown variety in Spain. Matiex succeeds ARTUR NICK soft wheat. Other varieties that stand out are RIMBAUD soft wheat, COMETA winter barley, ENDURO winter pea, MYTHIC spring pea and CHIMENE white oats.

AGRUSA continues to bet on the quality of the seed, being one of the first companies to incorporate a color machine in the center of selection.


AGRUSA continues to expand its catalog in both species and varieties, to remain a benchmark in extensive crop seeds. Future bets are NEMO wheat, MALTESSE winter barley, LAUREATE and FOCUS malt barley, ALAMBIC triticale and FRESNEL peas.

As part of its growth process, new facilities are being purchased with more than 10,000 m2 of warehouses located in Vila-sana (4 km from Mollerussa).